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Nick Spera


Ep 2: Nick Spera

Oct 13, 2020
Nick Spera

Ep 2: Nick Spera: Massage therapist to web developer, moving overseas, and constant learning

Nick's journey from massage therapist to web developer is awesome. At the same time, he and his wife picked up and moved to Budapest, Hungary just before the borders were closed during the Pandemic. On top of those changes, he's recently started diving into the world of 3D art and creating amazing pieces of art in such a short amount of time.

We spend time talking through non-linear career development, learning, web development platforms, living and working overseas, and tips and tricks along the way.

Show Notes and Links

Interrelo - https://www.interrelo.com
Webflow - https://webflow.com
Hungary US Embassy - https://washington.mfa.gov.hu/eng
Visa Information - https://washington.mfa.gov.hu/eng/page/visa-and-travel-information
She Works Abroad - https://www.sheworksabroad.com

Sites We Built Together on Webflow

Strata AVL - https://strataavl.com
The Organic South - https://theorganicsouth.com
Elle Russ - https://elleruss.com

Check out Nick on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/suuuuuds/

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